Elevate Your Outdoor Space

Turn to a deck builder in Chattanooga, TN

No matter how beautiful your backyard is, you probably won't spend a lot of time out there if you don't have a comfortable outdoor living area. That's where Hernandez General Services comes in. Our deck builder will listen to your vision and build your ideal deck from scratch.

You can also trust us to update your existing deck or install a spacious new driveway. Get in touch with our Chattanooga, TN deck builder today to learn more.

Give your family room to grow with new home additions

Has your home been feeling extra cramped lately? You can expand your home to accommodate your growing family when you get our home addition services. We'll frame out your addition and install all the features you're dreaming of. You can trust us to:

  • Build a new bedroom
  • Extend your kitchen
  • Add another bathroom

Schedule an appointment for our home addition services right away. And be sure to ask for a free estimate.